Zedart Hodges, a recovered addict, shares his story of overcoming addiction’s temptations as well as the challenges of overcoming an addiction and remaining sober for the rest of your life. He shares his experience how we have the ability to make a difference if we have the will to do it, and not fall back into our self-pitying condition of denial. He shares his experience to help people who are struggling with addiction (e.g., drugs, smoking, alcohol, and etc.) and help them understand that life is bigger than it is, and more important to someone else other than you. It simply means that if someone else is able to value their life, why can’t you?


1.One of the things that I found is real is that I was playing with forever

2.A lot of time I spoke to my brothers and sisters about a real relationship with God and most don’t really understand

3.People don’t realize that we need boundaries and it is not enough to say that nobody wants to go anywhere alone, especially to hell.

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